Keyword Monday #1: Some Free Exact Match Domains

Having done quite extensive keyword research in the past, I have decided to release some of these exact match domains. This is a new section that will be posted every Monday, hence the name “Keyword Monday”.

What are exact match domains (EMDs)? These are domain names that are exactly the keyword targeted. EMDs normally refer to the top three domain extensions, .com, .net and .org, but can refer to other extensions as well. In this section, we will deal mainly with the top three domain extensions.

For an example of EMD, if the targeted keyword is “cheap handbags”, then the exact domain name will be “” (or .net and .org).

These domains have been filtered down from hundreds. The ones that may have trademark issues are taken off the list, but due diligence is still needed if you are going to purchase any of them. The below EMDs are still available for purchase, as of this writing, from any domain name registrar.

1. VIRTUALSTOCKEXCHANGE.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 9,900

2. STOCKMARKETHOLIDAYS.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 5,400

3. HOWTHESTOCKMARKETWORKS.NET – Exact Global Monthly Searches 5,400

4. FSTOCKPRICE.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 2,400


6. STOCKC.NET, STOCKC.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 2,400

7. REVERSESTOCKSPLIT.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 2,400

8. MONTHLYDIVIDENDSTOCKS.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,600

9. DOWSTOCKMARKET.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,600

10. STOCKRATINGS.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,600

11. TOP10PENNYSTOCKS.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,600

12. STOCKSYMBOL.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,600

13. STOCKMARKETSYMBOLS.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,300

14. PINKSHEETSTOCKS.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,300

15. JAPANESESTOCKMARKET.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,600

16. STOCKCHARTSFREE.NET – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,300

17. STOCKTICKERSYMBOLS.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,000

18. COALSTOCKS.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 880



21. HKSTOCKEXCHANGE.NET, HKSTOCKEXCHANGE.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 2,900


23. NZSTOCKEXCHANGE.NET, NZSTOCKEXCHANGE.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,900

24. FREESTOCKTIPS.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,300

25. NEWYORKSTOCKMARKET.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,300


27. CANADIANDIVIDENDSTOCKS.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,300

28. PREFEREDSTOCK.NET, PREFEREDSTOCK.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,000

29. STOCKEXCHANGEGAME.NET – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,000


31. LIVESTOCKPRICES.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,000

32. NIFTY50STOCKS.NET, NIFTY50STOCKS.ORG – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,000

33. WALLSTREETSTOCKMARKET.NET – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,000

34. STOCKEXCHANGEMARKET.NET – Exact Global Monthly Searches 1,000


Top 12 Free Image Sites

free images, free pictures, free picsOne of the best visual techniques in capturing your users’ attention is the use of images on your site. They are especially useful to bring a point across, beautify the website and enhance articles.

There are many stock free image sites on the web where you can purchase such images for reasonable prices. However, there are also many sites that let you download such high quality images free-of-charge. Find the best selection the internet has to offer:

1. StockFreeImages – This site belongs to and used to be in their free section. In March of 2012, all of the images were ported over to this current site. The images from this site alone has saved me thousands of dollars as I have literally used hundreds of their images for my niche sites. You will need to register one time in order to download and it has a liberal attribution policy (only required where possible). They currently have more than half a million large high-quality images (yes, you read that correctly, it is more than 570K images) for free download. If there is only one site you can choose, you definitely will not go wrong with

2. stock.xchng – This is one of the most well-known and popular site on the internet that has a large collection of free-to-use stock photos. Currently has almost 400K free images to choose from. Registration is a must to use the photos and attribution does not seem to be required at the moment.

3. – This site has plenty of images that are pretty original and it a very good site to source for new ones. Registration and attribution are required in order to download and use the images. The images, although smaller than most, are still great alternatives to the other sites.

4. StockPhotosForFree – This is a great site with over 100K free high-quality stock photos. Registration is required and attribution is not required in order to use the photos.

5. RGBStock – RGBStock has 72K free images and seems to be an extensive collection of unique photos. Registration is required but attribution is not.

6. Kozzi – Kozzi is a very popular free image resource. With over 50K images, it provides a very good alternative for photos. It also has an extensive collection of clipart for free download. Registration is required but attribution is not required to use the images.

7. – This is a fantastic site with over 32K images for free download. The images seem to be pretty unique. Do take note that the images are not for commercial use and cannot be used for a company’s website but can be used for personal blogs (even with ads on it). Consult their Terms of Use page if in doubt.

8. MorgueFile – MorgueFile has a good and extensive collection of photos that is free to use and download. Registration and attribution are not required.

9. FreeRangeStock – This is a site with a smaller collection but higher quality images. Some of their photos are taken by in-house photographers and come in good quality sizes. Registration is required to download but attribution seems to be not required.

10. – carries many different kinds of images. Some are from in-house photographers and others can be from contributions or are licensed to be distributed. Registration is not required and attribution is also not normally required, but may depend on the nature of the image.

11. Gimp-Savvy – This is a good resource of 27 thousand public domain photos from a couple of organizations. They are free to use and does not need registraion nor attribution.

12. – This is another great resource for public domain images. The images can be used for almost any purpose, including redistribution. Currently has more than 23K images. No registration and attribution are required.

Update: 13. – is an additional great website that offers more than 130k images that can be used for free. However, attribution and link back is required.

Bonus Free Image Site

Another great site to download free photos is PhotoXpress. There are many free images to choose from, however, there seems to be no way to find them on their site’s search engine. In order to do so, you will have to go to EveryStockPhoto and use their “Advance Search” function. From there, uncheck all the sites available and only leave PhotoXpress checked. Using this method, you will be able to find plenty of images for free. In fact, it may be an even better site than all the others. Registration is required on both sites.

Other Free Image Sites

Other free sites include, Photl and PixelPerfectDigital. Do take note of their Terms of Use as some of them do not allow their images to be used on commercial sites.

Paid Image Sites

If these image sites are still not enough for your usage, you may consider going the paid route. One of the best I have used is Some of their images can be downloaded for as low as US$1 per image. Simply go to their advanced search function and choose only level 0 images. These images will cost about US$1 each.

For bulk photos, has a great subscription plan that lets you download 25 full-sized images per day for US$249/month. This is a total of 750 images and works out to about 33 cents per image, which I think is an incredible deal for their high-quality photos.

Know of any better image sites? Do leave comments or give your recommendations below.

3 Ugly But Incredibly Successful Sites

When we create a website, most of us want to make it look good. We may buy the best templates or hire a web designer to make the site visually appealing to future readers. In fact, we may even not hold back our spending in the design department.

But can an ugly website actually be successful? Granted the aesthetic appeal of a website is subjective and many people will have differing opinions on whether a website design is beautiful or ugly. There are some designs that are minimalistic instead of ugly and Google is one that comes to mind. But there are some factors that give rise to what people may agree as ugly, such as bad color combinations, irregular fonts and misaligned columns, to name a few. Here, we look at a couple of wildly successful websites that are almost universally looked upon as loathsome:

craigslist,,, craigslist screenshot

Started way back in the 90s, you couldn’t tell the difference today. The design of Craigslist look like it hasn’t been changed for the last 15 years or so. With small fonts and its text only design with a white and grey background, it looks like what a 10-year old child with minimal HTML skills could design. But it is the largest classified site in the world. Its user base in July 2011 is estimated at 66 million and page views is estimated at 24 billion.

Alexa Global Rank for 43

Alexa US Rank for 8

plenty of fish, pof,, free dating site,, dating site is an online dating site started in 2004. With its odd color combination and lack of any real visual appeal, it is considered ugly by today’s standards. In fact, its design has not changed since its inception 8 years ago. But today, it garners an estimated 3 billion page views per month, which is large by any global standard.

Alexa Global Rank for 281

Alexa US Rank for 75

drudgereport, drudge report,

Any article on websites with uncomely designs wouldn’t be complete without the quintessential Drudge Report. It is the epitome of a highly successful site with the absolute raw basics of HTML. It currently gets an estimated 250 million hits per month and is considered one of the highest trafficked news site online, all this run by single person with only links on its homepage leading to other news sites and less than 120 webpages indexed by Google at any one time (site: search in Google).

Alexa Global Rank for 457

Alexa US Rank for 95

Why Are These Sites So Successful?

So, why are these sites so successful? Many people will jump to the conclusion that design doesn’t matter and does not inhibit a website’s success. However, there are several similarities in these sites. Firstly, they are all older sites that entered the virtual realm at the start of the internet. Thus, they have gotten a large user base before the explosion of sites on the internet and have gotten a head start.

Another argument is that content and functionality trumps design. What this means is that the content or usefulness of the site draws people more than a visually appealing but less functional one would. What do you guys think? Would love to read your comments below.